The Goddess of Areth | Volume 1

In the past, enormous forests had their roots
entangled in nearly every corner of the world.

In the past, animals thrived everywhere.
Skies occupied by aerial adventurers.
Seas pulsating with the heartbeats of nautical creatures.
Lands conquered by diverse critters and beasts.

In the past, Areth was this world where life
existed without any worries.

But that was the past. A distant past.
Now, Areth is dying.
Dead lands have overtaken entire nations.
Extinction is as certain to happen
as the sun will rise in the morning.
Death creeps everywhere life tries to flourish…
But there is hope for life.

Dana, a soldier
from the Land of Alba,
sees beauty in nature.

Dana sees a future
for Areth where that beauty
can once again thrive.
And she will do anything she can
to make that future a reality.

Chapters of The Goddess of Areth | Volume 1

Volume 1 of The Goddess of Areth consists of 5 chapters, and each chapter contains 45 pages.

Chapter 01 Hell on Areth

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Chapter 02 Destiny

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Chapter 03 Back to Hell

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Chapter 04 The Lylestone Vigilantes

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Chapter 05 The Enemy at Home

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The Goddess Of Areth drawing
The Goddess Of Areth drawing
The Goddess Of Areth drawing
The Goddess Of Areth drawing
Cover Goddess of Areth 1
Back cover Goddess of Areth 1


Language: English
Genre: Comic book
Type of binding: Paperback
Second edition
Published: February 2020
Number of pages: 243
Illustrations: Black and white illustrations
Author: Tyrone Hunte
Artist: Tyrone Hunte
Publisher: Brave New Books
EAN 9789402191707